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Country to country movesMOVING OPTIONS can arrange to move your household goods, and other commodities, from any place on earth to any other.

When relocating internationally, there are no published rates or tariffs, as there are for interstate and, sometimes, intrastate moves. The charges for each international move are unique, based on origin and destination country, transport mode (air or surface movement), and a variety of other factors.

For this reason, it is wise to begin obtaining rate quotes 6 weeks or more in advance of your move.

When you call MOVING OPTIONS, we will arrange to have a local representative contact you to evaluate the services which will be required for your relocation. There is no charge for this service, or for the preparation of your estimates.

When the survey results arrive at our office, we will obtain 2 or 3 estimates from quality overseas forwarding companies. We will then evaluate the quotes, and report the estimated charges back to you. Again, there is no charge for this. We are paid only if you elect to use the services of one of our forwarders. And the forwarder pays us.

Several things to be aware of:

  1. International MovesMoving to a foreign country requires the permission of that country for you to emigrate and reside there. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain that, not the mover’s.
  2. You will need to prepare and provide two separate inventories declaring the value of your goods; one is for insurance, the other for customs. This will require some time, so you need to start early. We will provide more detailed information on the requirements for each.
  3. When shipping internationally, all packing must be done by THE MOVER, not by you, Since 9/11, we cannot accept for international shipment anything packed by anyone but the movers. Moves from or to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are exceptions to this rule.
  4. Prior to loading an overseas shipment, you must provide a copy of tour passport and social security card.
  5. Charges for international moves must be paid before the shipment leaves the origin warehouse. The charges may be paid by cash, cashiers check, money order, or, in some cases, billed to an employer. This must be arranged prior to pickup of the shipment.
  6. There are no BINDING ESTIMATES for international moves. Charges are calculated based on actual weights and services, and that information is not known until after the shipment is loaded.
  7. Additional charges may be added as a result of a number of factors. Customs duties are between you and your host country, and are not included in the estimate.
  8. Each country has its own regulations prohibiting importation of certain items. Importing prohibited items is a VERY SERIOUS violation. Therefore you should obtain a list of prohibited items, and avoid shipping those items
  9. International moves are quoted as SURFACE or AIR, and are generally quoted as single factor rates. In other words, the price quoted includes all services which are required to get your goods from your old home to your new one. Rates may be for door-to-door, door-to-port, warehouse to door, warehouse to port, etc.
  10. Moves between Canada are typically handled as interstate moves, and the goods are moved on a moving van. Moves to Mexico are INTERNATIONAL moves, and may be handled by a variety of shipping modes, depending on location within Mexico.
  11. Some countries do not allow importation of personally owned autos. However, if you do ship a car, you will have to have a clear title and a lien release. If you do not own the auto outright, you willl not be allowed to ship it out of the country.

Move Type: state to state | cars/boats | country to country | in state | local | office/industrial
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